Tom Holland voices Percy Pig in Marks and Spencer’s heartwarming Christmas advert

Marks and Spencer’s have brought Percy pig to life (Picture: M&S)Marks and Spencer’s have brought Percy pig to life (Picture: M&S)
Marks and Spencer’s have brought Percy pig to life (Picture: M&S) | M&S
Christmas adverts have officially hit our television screens. The season of brands competing for our attention has begun with M&S pulling out all the stops.

Christmas adverts have become a staple over the years. They bring you festive joy...and sometimes tears but it has become a signal of the start of the festive season for many.

Every year we see brands fight it out delivering new Christmas adverts, and taking it to new levels.

The stakes continue to rise with characters like Aldi’s Kevin the carrot, and John Lewis with their man on the moon, but this year Marks & Spencer's have pushed the boundaries even further.

This year, Marks and Spencer's have pulled out all the stops and bagged A-list movie-star Tom Holland in what could be his most ambitious role yet, Percy Pig.

The luxury supermarket has launched what they called their ‘biggest’ Christmas campaign ever, beginning with their new hashtag #PercyPigmas.

Holland is not the only star’s voice you will recognise in the advert. Dawn French plays the fairy who brings Percy to life and accompanies him on his heartwarming journey of his first Christmas ever.

The advert is set to steal the hearts of the nation as we watch our favourite sweetie experience their first Christmas.

People took to twitter to express their love for the new advert:

Not to mention some of the hilarious responses people had to Spider Man himself voicing Percy:

We think this is the start of a new era, over to your John Lewis…

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