‘Heart of club ripped out’ - Ex-Everton captain demands owners follow Frank Lampard out of exit door

Former Everton captain Alan Stubbs gave an honest and damning verdict on owner Farhad Moshiri and the board of directors.

Former Everton captain Alan Stubbs has demanded the club’s underfire owners and board step aside following Frank Lampard’s sacking.

Lampard had been in the job just under a year but has struggled to move the club away from another relegation battle and lost his job after only three wins in 20 games with the side in 19th place in the Premier League.

The general consensus from fans seems to be that Lampard was never going to be able to succeed with the club being run poorly from above. Owner Farhad Moshiri has been the target of fan protests in recent weeks and that, coupled with poor form on the pitch, has led to a toxic atmosphere surrounding the club.

Speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside, former Everton captain Stubbs was brutally honest on the club’s current situation, but also conceded that while Lampard had done his job last season, by the end of his tenure the players ‘looked like they didn’t know how to win games of football anymore’ and felt it was clear he had to go.

“In the world we’re in now of a results business, his results weren’t good enough, he wasn’t able to get a tune out of these players, particularly these last six weeks and not just the results, it’s the performances too. It looks like the players don’t know how to win games of football and it got to the stage where he had to go!”

Stubbs also claimed that the heart of the club has been ripped out due to their owners inability to make footballing decisions since Moshiri came into the club.

“This for all the fans, this is the first step that a lot of them want, now they want the next step it cant stop here. We’ve got an owner that is basically a loose cannon, no one knows what he’s going to do, there’s no correspondence between anybody.

“This club is getting dragged through the gutter more and more as each day passes. It’s not going to stop, a new manager isn’t going to halt the drastic measures and the decisions that they’ve got wrong, there’s got to be a widespread change. If people really care about Everton at boardroom level, then they need to step aside. We can’t have the same people making the same poor decisions again.

“Now that’s unthinkable, we needed reinforcements yesterday and 24 days into the window and we’ve signed one player. We are staring relegation in the face. The history and tradition of the club has been ripped out, the heart of the club has been ripped out and the fans are in so much pain because of what has happened. All I can say to the owners is ‘give us our club back”.