How Everton, Liverpool and Premier League rivals rank in latest fan engagement index

The latest fan engagement index has been published, and it seems Everton are doing a much better job than neighbours Liverpool as things stand.

The latest fan engagement index has been released, and it sees Everton ahead of rivals Liverpool.

The fan engagement index rates clubs for their dialogue with supporters, transparency on decisions and the level of which fans are involved in governance.

The index is now in its third year, and it rates clubs based on the previous season, so the latest rankings are based on the 2020/21 campaign.

Premier League clubs typically struggle in this index, with their corporate structures putting them at a much greater distance from their supporters, compared to those clubs further down the pyramid.

Everton, however, are an exception as the only Premier League team to feature inside the top 20 this season.

Index author and consultant Kevin Rye spoke to the BBC about the latest rankings, and he made links to the ill-fated Super League, which Liverpool were involved in, claiming those clubs involved have done some ‘reflecting’.

And that includes the Reds, who are set to announce the inscription on fan engagement into the club’s articles of association in March.

“The dynamics have changed and the government’s fan-led review is forcing clubs to think about this more carefully and more quickly to expedite change,” Rye said.

Notably, Exeter City topped the rankings in the whole index for the third year running, and they were followed by Cambridge United, Carlisle United, AFC Wimbledon and Lincoln City.

But here we have rounded up the Premier League in order of least to best in a gallery.

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