Jurgen Klopp explains why he subbed Diogo Jota after opening scoring in Liverpool’s win at Arsenal

Diogo Jota made the breakthrough for Liverpool in their 2-0 win at Arsenal before he was replaced by Roberto Firmino.

Jurgen Klopp revealed he always planned to substitute Diogo Jota despite opening the scoring in Liverpool’s victory at Arsenal.

The Reds’ 2-0 win at the Emirates Stadium last night moved them within just one point of Premier League leaders Manchester City.

The visitors were poor in the first half but improved after the break.

Jota notched the all-important breakthrough in the 54th minute when he squeezed home a finish at the front post.

That was to be the Portuguese’s last contribution, though, as he was immediately replaced by Roberto Firmino - who bagged Liverpool’s second goal.

Klopp insisted he never thought about changing his mind despite Jota’s intervention.

The Anfield boss told Sky Sports: “No, it had nothing to do with that.

“We wanted to bring fresh players on and it's the best moment to score actually.

“That's all fine and we want to do it early.”

‘Makes each game a final’

Liverpool’s Premier League aspirations are now in their own hands.

Having been 14 points behind Man City at one stage, the Reds have slashed the deficit impressively and are on the leaders’ tail.

The two sides meet at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday 10 April for what many believe will be a title-deciding encounter.

Roberto Firmino celebrates scoring for Liverpool against Arsenal. Picture: IAN KINGTON/IKIMAGES/AFP via Getty Images

Klopp knows every game the Reds play from now until the end of the campaign will be like a cup final.

He told reporters: “I really don’t think a lot about City. That’s the truth. I know that the only chance we have is to win an incredible amount of football games because our opponents win an incredible amount of football games.

“There is not a chance to drop. I said it before, in the last few years we pushed each other on insane levels.

“I forgot the number, but we only had 90-odd points because they had that many points – and they had it only because we had it. That’s the situation.

“It makes each game a final and you can enjoy it, absolutely, but you need to be ready for the intensity as well.

“I don’t think it’s a problem for a human being to be every three days completely focused on what you do but then comes the physical part, it makes you tired and you feel it here and there, so that’s what we are constantly fighting.

“City, we don’t fight City – we play City in three or four weeks, I don’t know exactly, and then we will give them hopefully a proper fight.

“Apart from that, we are in a good moment, we are in a mood, that’s all clear, but we know the only way to do it is to dig really deep.”