Premier League match balls. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Liverpool’s intriguing £14m squad market value drop compared to Everton, Leicester City, and more

As the old adage goes, money talks - and nowhere is that more true than in the upper echelons of professional football.

With hundreds of millions of pounds spent annually in the Premier League, it’s understandable that player market values remain a contentious aspect of the discourse of the modern game.

Whether it’s reported price tags or various other musings on a constantly inflating transfer market, the conversation on how much certain talents are worth can often baffle and irk fans and pundits alike.

Things are further complicated by the fact that valuations can change over the course of a campaign, with form playing a huge part in how much players - and squads as a whole - are worth, for better or worse.

With the Premier past its halfway mark, we’ve taken a look at how Liverpool’s overall squad market value has changed compared to every other top flight side, and ranked them in order of percentage change, along with each club’s most highly valued player.

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