Why McDonald’s, Five Guys and KFC all made quips after launch of Liverpool’s new third kit for 2021-22 season

The latest jersey has been met by mixed reviews among Kopites and the wider football world.

<p>The new Liverpool kit. Image: @LFC/twitter</p>

The new Liverpool kit. Image: @LFC/twitter

Kit launches. They seem to get more and more attention every year.

So much so that throughout the summer months, fans badger their respective clubs as to when the latest jersey will be unveiled.

"Announce new kit" is a common occurrence on Twitter - even to the most basic of posts. You feel sorry for the social media admins.

But the revealing of Liverpool's third strip for the 2021-22 season on Wednesday has not just caught the attention of Kopites and the football world but global fast food chains.


The new yellow and red third kit might be a return to some of their more iconic colours from their past, synonymous with the 1980s and some of the iconic teams of Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish.

But rather than conjuring flashbacks to those glory days, it’s instead been likened to the branding used by McDonald’s and Five Guys.

Light-hearted jests

Even the food outlets saw the comparisons and responded to Liverpool’s latest shirt in a light-hearted manner.

McDonald's, or Maccies to Liverpudlians, reacted to the launch on Twitter by saying: "OMG, I love your top, where did you get it."

That caused Liverpool's retail account to reply: "But are you lovin’ it though?" before McDonald's quipped: "There's something about it that's just... *chefs kiss*."

Five Guys also took note of the similarities between Liverpool's new jersey and their branding.

The trim on the shirt’s neck is a red-and-yellow chequered pattern, while there was a red-and-white checkered background used for the launch.

Those are also the colours of the Virginia-based company.

Five Guys joked on Twitter that it was launching its own uniform, writing: “Inspired by the iconic Five Guys. We've got one limited edition tee up for grabs, today only. Who wants one?"

KFC too also weighed in by saying: “Hello. Welcome to @FiveGuysUK. Can I take your order?”

Fan reaction

Swathes of Liverpool fans also couldn’t see past the colours of the two major fast food chains when getting a glimpse of the jersey.

Here’s how some of them reacted.#