John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf - how to watch new ITV show and what it’s about

John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf - how to watch new ITV show and what it’s about

The new documentary, set to air on ITV this week, will follow John Bishop and his son Joe as the family try to learn more about the deaf community.

Bishop’s son Joe - who suffers from progressive deafness - will embark on a journey of self acceptance meanwhile John challenges himself to deliver a stand-up show to a deaf audience.

John Bishop said: “Before we started this journey, we could never have imagined what an impact it would have on us as a family.

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    “Joe and I are so grateful to the members of the Deaf community who we’ve met this year, their generosity has changed our lives.”

    What is John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf  about?

    At 15, Joe Bishop was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that has led to the deterioration of his hearing and progessive deafness. Now 27, it has been 12 years since Joe became partially deaf.

    The documentary will follow the father and son as the pair learn sign language for the first time and will attempt to give a voice to the often marginalised deaf community.

    South Shore CEO Andrew Mackenzie said: “This is an extraordinary and brave film for the Bishop family to make. They’ve opened up an incredibly personal and moving story as they take their first steps into the Deaf community."

    How to watch John & Joe Bishop: Life After Death?

    John & Joe Bishop: Life After Death will air for the first time on Thursday, September 22 at 9pm on ITV1.

    If for any reason you miss the episode, you can catch up via ITV’s streaming service ITVHUB.