Stunning new art installation lights up Liverpool Cathedral - Coalescence

‘Coalescence’ is inspired by how much coal is required to power a single 200W light bulb for a year.

A brand-new art installation has arrived at Liverpool Cathedral. ‘Coalescence’ is made up of thousands of pieces of UK-sourced Anthracite coal and is illuminated and suspended from the ceiling of the Cathedral well.

The art is inspired by designer Paul Cocksedge’s calculation about how much coal is required to power a single 200W light bulb for a year. Opening on Friday 9 February and running until Sunday 12 March, the display is the world debut for Coalescene and is free to visit from 10am daily.

Paul believes the installation will engage with the public in a way that is thought-provoking, prompting bigger questions around energy consumption. He said: “This is a simple idea that has led to an incredible, educational journey. I’ve become really close to the material, hand-drilling thousands of pieces of coal to make this artwork.

“What I enjoy about this piece is that it sculpturally represents energy, as well as connecting to a huge range of challenges society is facing around where our energy comes from, how it’s sourced and what it costs. Showing this in Liverpool Cathedral, in this year in particular, felt very timely.”

  • Watch the video above for a full tour.
Coalescence. Image: Liverpool CathedralCoalescence. Image: Liverpool Cathedral
Coalescence. Image: Liverpool Cathedral
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