The UK’s largest indoor funfair is back in Liverpool with new rides

We have the lowdown on what rides you can enjoy at Liverpool Indoor Funfair, ticket prices and opening times.

The Indoor Funfair is back in the city and open now at Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

New rides have been added to the classics, such as the dodgems, waltzers, cup and saucers, and UK's largest travelling Funhouse are in attendance. The attraction is aimed at families with games, prizes, and treats on offer.

‘Something here for everybody’

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    John Lowery, director, Indoor Funfair

    John Lowery, director, Indoor Funfair, said: "We love coming back to the Exhibition Centre. Three times a year; summer, Christmas and Easter. As you can see in this building, it's air-conditioned, thank God with the weather outside.

    “New rides include The Scorpion and The Takeoff. We're constantly changing the rides. It's very important to keep it fresh. There's nothing worse than going to an amusement park with rides that don't change.

    “So. every time you come, there'll always be different rides. Some people get upset when they lose, their favourite, but we try to make sure there's something here for everybody."

    Entry fee and rides

    Entry includes unlimited goes on all attractions for three hours, and there are three-time slots throughout the day. There are also autism-friendly sessions for those with sensory needs.

    Riding Wristband cost £12.99 and entry for spectators is £5. Babes in arams are free but all under 16-year-old’s must be accompanied by an adult.

    You can purchase tickets from

    Indoor Funfair Opening times

    The fair is at Exhibition Centre Liverpool from Tuesday, August 6, to Wednesday, August 17.

    The first slot booking of each day is at 10am, the last at 6pm.

    What rides are at Indoor Funfair?

    On rides where children must be accompanied by an adult, the adult must also have a riding wristband.

    • Planet PlayStation Funhouse- Under 0.9m must be accompanied by an adult
    • Jumping Jack- Min 0.85m/Max 1.5m
    • Mini Miami-Min 0.85m/Under 1.5m
    • Big Boot Funhouse-Min 3s/U 12s years must be supervised
    • Chairs-Min 2 years/under 12 years
    • Scorpion-Min 1.2m/Under 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult
    • Scream Machine Waltzer-Min 1.1m/ Not suitable for under 3’s
    • Twist- Min height 0.9m,under 1.4m must be accompanied by an adult
    • Minion Inflatable-Min 2 years/Max 1.4m
    • Mini Wheel-Min 0.9m/Max 1.5m
    • Superbob-Min 1m
    • Runaway Train-Min 3 year’s/Max 1.4m (adults can accompany)
    • Bumper Cars-Min 3 year’s/Max 1.4m
    • Go-gator-Under 3’s must be accompanied by an adult
    • Train-Max 1.2m
    • Formula-Max 1.2m
    • Cups & Saucers-in 3 year’s/Max 1.4m (adults can accompany)
    • Icemaze-Under 1m must be accompanied by an adult
    • Childrens Carousel-Toddlers must be accompanied by an adult
    • Helicopters-No adults to ride with children over 1.1m
    • Big Wheel-mall children must be accompanied by an adult
    • Bungee Trampolines-in 3 year’s/Max 5ft (No flips)
    • Take Off-Min 1.4m
    • Mini Waltzer-Children only
    • Bavarian Snow Slide-Over 1m/1 person per ring
    • Police Station Funhouse-Min 0.8m and must be supervised
    • Toyset-Min 2 year’s/Max 10 year’s
    • Helter Skelter-Under 1m must be accompanied by an adult
    • Miami-Min 1.2m