Steven Gerrard wants Liverpool to sign Jude Bellingham

Steven Gerrard was one of the pre-match pundits on BT Sport for Liverpool’s game against Chelsea - he had all the praise in the world for Jude Bellingham.

Steven Gerrard sung the praise of Liverpool transfer target Jude Bellingham before the Reds’ game with Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday, January 21. He spoke on the importance of Liverpool signing him and how it could bolster their underwhelming campaign thus far.

Liverpool are one of several clubs who are thought to be interested in acquiring Bellingham’s services. Among the other clubs believed to be in the hunt are Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Gerrard said: “Liverpool are in the middle of the table at the moment. But I’m sure Jude’s bright enough to go ‘hang on a minute, this is going to be a 60,000 seater stadium, they’ve got one of the best managers in the world, they’ve won the Premier League as of late, they’ve been in Champions League finals as of late’.

“[Liverpool] ticks an awful lot of boxes, but at the moment, they’re obviously in the middle of the league.”

Rio Ferdinand commented on Gerrard’s apparent sales pitch to Bellingham, to which the Anfield legend replied: “Because I want him!”

He went on to say: “All he needs to do is send his diary to me, I’ll fly to Dortmund personally, I’ll take him out for a nice dinner and we’ll talk about it.”

The former Villa boss had nothing but praise to give to the 19-year-old superstar. Comparisons have been drawn between the two, with some audiences suggesting that Bellingham could be the next Gerrard.

In Liverpool’s game against against Chelsea that followed, the Reds drew 0-0 in a dull affair.