These iconic Lidl trainers cost £12.99 but some people in Liverpool are selling them on eBay for five times that price

Lidl’s iconic £12.99 trainers have become so popular in Liverpool that some local people are selling them on eBay for as much as six times the recommended retail value.

The trainers have become so popular that thousands are sharing photographs and videos of the much sought after sneaks on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Lidl started selling the trainers in the United Kingdom this week but with no confirmed plans to restock the brightly coloured shoes, some people pay three and four times the asking price, such is their surprising mass appeal.

“They are rather splendid.

“Lidl does everything else, why not shoes?,” said one woman on Twitter.

“I need Lidl’s trainers in my life and I don’t even know why,” joked another.

The trainers are part of a range of clothing which was on sale in mainland Europe first before entering the UK market.

If the trainers prove elusive, shoppers may be able ease their disappointment by purchasing a pair of Lidl socks or if you are truly desperate, a pair of Lidl swimming trunk shorts for men.