19 memorable photos to take you back to 1970s Liverpool - from dock life and footie on the estate to WAGs

Monkeys on Bold Street, kids on the street with a casey, strikes, long hair, enormous lapels and Red Rum - we look back at the 1970s with some intriguing photos.

For those who lived through any part of the 1970s it’s hard to believe it’s already around 50-odd years ago. For those Millennials or Gen Z that didn’t, it’s probably hard to believe some of these images were taken ONLY 50-odd years ago as society has changed beyond recognition.

The 70s was still a time when kids played out on the streets with a casey, hair was longer, trousers were wider and music and sport in Liverpool had undergone a radical change. There were social problems in parts of the city too as families struggled with unemployment.

Here, we take a nostalgic look back through the decade in no particular order, with some photos from the archives. If you have a memory or photo you’d like to share, contact us at [email protected] or via social media.