The 29 Liverpool restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and shops which failed their latest hygiene inspections

They include some well-known city centre establishments and favourite local takeaways.

Some 29 food outlets across Liverpool failed their latest food hygiene inspections with a score of zero, with these businesses having received the lowest grade in the Food Standards Agency’s rating scheme after Liverpool City Council environment health inspectors paid unannounced visits.

If a food establishment is given the lowest possible score of zero, it means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ when it comes to hygiene and food management.

These gradings are essential so customers know they are eating in an establishment that maintains a high standard of food safety when it comes to preparing, storing, and serving meals.

Here are the 29 Liverpool restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and shops with a score of zero in their latest inspection. Information correct as of November 15, 2023.