I got a first look inside Wirral’s new Nando’s and it's different from the rest

The new restaurant at New Brighton’s Marine Point is sure to be a hit. 

Wirral has finally got a second Nando’s. The new restaurant opened at Marine Point in New Brighton on Tuesday, but I was granted early access to the home of PERi-PERi to discover just what the new restaurant has to offer.

Firstly, I was very impressed with the décor. The interior pays great tribute to Nando’s South African origins with multiple artworks and features. It's not dissimilar to other Nando’s but this venue has a more low-key atmosphere with lower lighting, which really helps to create a different atmosphere to other restaurants.

The layout is also very well designed, with the kitchen in full view in the centre of the room, with tables situated in an arc shape around the building. There is more than enough space on each table to enjoy a meal without feeling cramped. There are 120 seats inside and 32 outside, offering ample space for large and small groups. Customers will also be able to click and collect as well as order delivery from the restaurant.

Another highlight is the staff in the restaurant. When I arrived, I was greeted promptly and the staff frequently checked on me throughout my meal. I was talked through the ordering process, which although I was already familiar with it, made for a nice touch for people who are new to Nando’s.

Despite the restaurant being very busy during the pre-launch, food did not sit on the pass for very long and the staff were always busy helping customers and serving orders. 

As for the food, it was classic Nando’s: tasty, spicy and cooked perfectly. I decided to order a Fino Pita. Not my usual choice, but I was certainly happy with my decision. The pita consisted of two chicken thighs, which I ordered with medium spice, caramelised red onion relish, grilled halloumi cheese, garlic aioli and lettuce. I also decided on PERi-salted chips as my side. The meal, along with my drink of sparkling water, costs £15.75.

I believe this to be good value for money as the meal has a very evident taste of freshness with all the ingredients, something not always found in chain restaurants, and something this Nando’s manages to deliver. 

 Everything on the plate worked well. The pita was succulent and tasty with the medium spice being just enough for me. The chicken was very tender and tasted superb. I also decided to try some of Nando’s sauces, which customers are able to grab from the counter.

The lemon and herb packed a little heat as well as an abundance of herby flavours, which paired perfectly with the chips. The hot sauce certainly packed heat as well and likely wouldn’t be my go-to choice on the chicken but it’s certainly nice in small doses.

When the meal arrived, it was very hot and had not sat on the pass for long as it was all still crispy and fresh. The food took slightly longer than expected to arrive, but as it was the first night at the busy restaurant and it did not affect my enjoyment of the meal. 

This Nando’s felt different to others I’ve visited before. The food in Nando’s is always good quality and tasty, but it was the atmosphere that set this particular restaurant apart from the others. It was truly a nice place to be. It also felt very modern and up to date.

Obviously, as a brand-new restaurant it was spotless and clean but additional touches such as a sink near the drinks machines as well as the very well-furnished toilets made for a more enjoyable experience when dining.

The location is also a big bonus for the restaurant. It is easily accessible by public transport as there is both a train station and bus stop within a ten-minute walking distance. There are also lots of parking spaces on the New Brighton promenade itself, as well as the Morrison’s car park which multiple venues in Marine Point all utilise as customer parking.

It also fits well with the other places in Marine Point such as The Light Cinema. I'd certainly love to have some PERi-PERi before, or after, going to watch a new film to make the experience even more memorable. 

This restaurant has everything it needs to be a huge success - as Nando’s usually does, I’m sure it will attract an abundance of new and returning customers. It is the second Nando’s restaurant in Wirral, the other is located in the Croft Retail Park in Bromborough.