Liverpool bar NQ64 launches new cocktail menu - and they look incredible

Take a look a the six new offerings, including Full Tilt, Lara’s Lost and Cowabunga.

Liverpool bar NQ64, the neon-splattered drinking den filled with arcade games and classic consoles, has launched a brand-new cocktail menu of eye-catching drinks.

The Colquitt Street venue, which hosts classic games such as Time Crisis, Guitar Hero, PacMan and Point Blank, is just as well known for its cocktails as for its arcade machines.

Now the NQ64 team has ‘invented’ a new gaming-inspired cocktail menu, which includes:

  • Tequila-based, paloma-inspired Full Tilt with grapefruit, pineapple and sherbet.
  • Lara’s Lost with Absolut Vanilla, blackberry, raspberry shrub and prosecco.
  • Paperboi with Jack Daniel’s, blueberry pancake and lemon Fanta.
  • Gummy bear Beefeater gin-based Cowabunga.
  • Vodka-based Amy’s Delight inspired by Angel Delight (which is also totally vegan!)
  • CBD-infused, alcohol-free Hits from the Pong with raspberry, guava, kiwi, and lime.

NQ64 have also teamed up with boutique natural wine spot, Top Cuvée, to offer red, white and rosé by the bottle.