£120m ‘super restaurant’ set for Stanley Dock - what it will look like

The new 200-seat waterfront eatery will open next to the Titanic Hotel.

A historic Grade II listed building at Stanley Dock is set to be transformed into a £120 million super restaurant.

Liverpool City Council have granted planning permission to turn the Victorian Pumphouse next to the Titanic Hotel into a 200-seat luxury waterfront eatery.

The Pumphouse Restaurant stands next to the Titanic Hotel. Image: Casa E Progetti/Stanley Dock Properties

Developers Stanley Dock Properties say the project is part of a £250 million regeneration plan for the area that will turn it ‘into the city’s most exclusive address’.

The Pumphouse Restaurant will be transformed with an 18.5 ft high glass extension overlooking the dock, with the main building featuring a galleried mezzanine floor and cocktail bar.

The new restaurant, designed by award winning architects Darmody Architecture, is part of the £120 million next phase of works at Stanley Dock.

The Pumphouse Restaurant transformation

The glass extension at the Pumphouse Restaurant. Credit: Casa E Progetti/Stanley Dock Properties

The Pumphouse building has four distinct spaces - an entrance hall, boiler room, accumulator tower and engine room, which will all be incorporated into the restaurant.

The entrance hall will be restored with a large feature doorway, which will lead into the main dining space of the new restaurant.

The main dining space will consist of the boiler room, along with the glass extension. Glazed doors will open onto an outside waterfront dining terrace.

Inside The Pumphouse Restaurant. Credit: Casa E Progetti/Stanley Dock Properties

Connecting the glazed extension and brick boiler house will be an inner atrium with a 23 ft high ceiling which will house dining and a cocktail bar.

A galleried mezzanine floor will be installed in the boiler house to create a dining area with feature brick walls on the lower level and private dinning area and lounge on the upper level.

The engine room will be transformed into another dining space, with a 36 ft high ceiling with new feature roof.

The Pumphouse Restaurant as it might look after the revamp. Credit: Casa E Progetti/Stanley Dock Properties

The brick chimney and part of the boiler room will be converted into an open plan kitchen, visible to customers from the dining area.

History of the Pumphouse

The Hydraulic Pumphouse Station at Stanley Dock was designed by Jessie Hartley and originally built in 1854-1855.

It overlooks the waters of the dock and sits adjacent to the historic North Warehouse (built in 1854-1855), which is now the Titanic Hotel.

The Pump House stands on the same dock as the Tobacco Warehouse and Titanic Hotel. Credit: Casa E Progetti/Stanley Dock Properties

During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the Pumphouse was used to power the lifts, cranes and tobacco press machines in the North Warehouse and Tobacco Warehouse, which is currently being converted into luxury apartments.

The development of the waterfornt area continues at nearby Bramley-Moore Dock, where Everton are building their new stadium and complex.