Liverpool retro: 21 fantastic photos showing how kids had fun in bygone years

From ‘Jacks & Allies’ and swinging from lamp posts to football in the street and paddling pools on the pavement.

Life seems to be changing at an ever-increasing pace for our children as they wrestle with the pros and cons of technology and an increasingly commercialised society.

They seem to be either glued to a TV/computer/mobile/tablet screen for an unhealthy amount of time or competing to have the very latest this or that to keep up with their peers.

What happened to playing in the streets all day until your mum called you in for tea? And shouts of ‘you’re either in or out’ and ‘shut the door behind you’? Ah, simpler times.

Of course, kids still play out, but they have more options to choose from now.

Anyway, join us as we take a journey from the past to present with a series of stirring images of kids playing outside in Liverpool - from as far back as 1890.

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