The 11 most expensive ‘L’ postcodes in Merseyside to buy a house, according to Rightmove

These parts of Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley and Ormskirk have the most expensive house prices.

House prices differ greatly across Merseyside, with affluent areas seeing average house prices of nearly £400,000, compared with other parts seeing average house prices of around £100,000.

But, which places with an ‘L’ postcode are the most expensive to buy a property in?

Using data from real estate company Rightmove, we have complied a list of the 11 postcodes with the most expensive average house prices in and around Liverpool - including areas such as Sefton, Knowsley and Ormskirk - which have a ‘Liverpool’ postcode.

Based on Rightmove’s ‘sold prices’ from the last 12 months, here are the most expensive ‘L’ postcodes to buy a property in.