16 stunning street art murals in Liverpool and where to find them

Whether you are in the city centre, Baltic Triangle, Toxteth or Anfield, gifted artists have used the Scouse streets as their canvas.

Liverpool is a city rich in culture and diversity. It's home of two major football clubs, the birthplace of music icons such as the Beatles, and gave award-winning actors such as Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer to the world. But the talent doesn't stop there. The city is home to gifted artists who use the Scouse streets as their canvas.

Various areas of the city showcase local artists displaying their work in beautiful ways.

Whether you are in the city centre, Baltic Triangle, Toxteth or Anfield there is no shortage of expression through the paintings. The murals have a range of different purposes such as recognition of great figures as well as delivering important messages through imagery. 

It is hard to say when exactly street art became so popular.  There was a boom in New York in the 70’s when artists such as Basquit and Haring began showcasing their work in art galleries and institutions.  

But certain street art has moved away from being perceived as graffiti or vandalism. This specific type of artwork is now getting the appreciation it deserves, with different businesses hiring these artists to elevate the space they work in for the better.

Well known Liverpudlian artists such as Paul Curtis and Brezaux have showcased their abilities on buildings throughout the city. Another group of talented artists “MurWalls” dedicate themselves to bringing recognition to the world of street art after being founded in 2019.

Take a look at the gallery below for just some of the exciting murals dotted around the city.