The 13 most expensive areas of Liverpool to buy a house, including Allerton and Hunts Cross

House prices differ greatly across Liverpool, ranging from £83,000 to £540,000 in the most affluent neighbourhoods.

Choosing where to buy a home can be a tricky task as houses in the same city can differ greatly in price.

In Liverpool, there is over £400,000 between homes in the cheapest and most expensive neighbourhoods, with one part of the city having an average house price of more than £500,000.

The latest set of figures from the Office for National Statistics pinpoint the parts of Liverpool which had the priciest homes, on average, in the year up to March 2023. The figures are the median price, and encompass all home types and sizes.

From Calderstones to Hunts Cross, here are the most expensive neighbourhoods in Liverpool and how much it costs, on avergae, to buy a house in each of them.