‘Ugliest buildings in the UK’: Liverpool’s two ‘eyesores’ among top 10 - full list here

Two of the ‘ugliest buildings in the UK’ can be found in Liverpool, according to a new study - here is everything you need to know.

Liverpool is a place renowned across the world not only for its culture, and football teams, but also for its historic architecture. So it may come a a surprise to discover, the Merseyside city is now also the unofficial home to two of the UK’s ugliest buildings.

Builders merchant, Buildworld, has curated a long list of buildings not just in the UK, but the US and worldwide too, that have been referenced on Twitter. The team has used a sentiment analysis tool called HuggingFace to analyse the percentage of tweets that were negative about each building’s design.

Using the data, they have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 ugliest buildings from around the world. They have also put together a separate UK list featuring offensive architecture found up-and-down the country.

In some bad news for proud Liverpudlians, it has been revealed that the city has been represented in the rankings not once but twice. One “eyesore” comes in fourth, while the other is the 10th worst-looking building.

The Royal Liverpool Hospital has been dubbed the ugliest building in Liverpool. It is understood the busy facility received 14.5% of tweets  criticising its design.

The second biggest eyesore in the city is the Shankly Hotel. Buildworld found the hospitality structure - named after much-loved ex-Liverpool manager Bill Shankly - received 10.8% of critical responses relating to how it looks.

Top 10 ugliest buildings in the UK - full list

The Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, has been voted the ugliest building on the UK by 42.07% of people.
  • Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh - 42.07%
  • Newport Station, Newport - 25.73%
  • Preston Train Station, Preston - 20.24%
  • Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool - 14.5%
  • MI6 Building, London - 14.11%
  • One Hyde Park, London - 13.15%
  • Bridgewater Place, Leeds - 12.14%
  • Redcar Beacon, Redcar - 11.94%
  • Balfron Tower, London - 10.87%
  • Shankly Hotel, Liverpool - 10.8%