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UK Census 2021 results: Satanists, druids and witches but no Jedi in Liverpool

We take a look at the number of people practicing unusual religions in the city.

There may no longer be any Jedi listed in Liverpool, according to the latest data released from the 2021 census, but there are certainly still some unusual beliefs in the city - from witchcraft to scientology and free thinkers to satanists.

More than 94% of the UK population (around 56 million people) answered the voluntary question on religion on the census last year and for the first time ever less than half of respondents described themselves as Christian, although it was still the most popular single religion.

In Liverpool, Christianity also came out on top, with 278,330 respondents from a population of around 500,000 marking it down as their religion, which is not very surprising in a city with two cathedrals. ‘No religion’ was the second most popular, with 142,538.

Following a concerted effort to have Jedi recognised as a religion on the last census, it was conspicuous by its absence this time around. It did not feature in the top 50 religions across the country.

However, there are still plenty of people practising unusual religions in Liverpool. We’ve picked out nine of the more notable ones below.

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