Black History Month campaign highlights inspirational figures in Liverpool

The ‘See Me Now’ project showcases people from various cultural backgrounds who have carved their lives and careers in industries “not for them”.

Sporting stars, community leaders and other inspirational figures from across the region are being profiled on advertising screens in a campaign launched by the Anthony Walker Foundation and Open Media.

The ‘See Me Now’ project was established in 2020 following the revival of the Black Lives Matter movement and the focus on institutional racism.

The campaign is running throughout Black History Month in October to highlight the positive life achievements of individuals and groups from the region’s diverse and multicultural communities.

The campaign will showcase those from various cultural backgrounds who have carved their lives and careers in industries “not for them”.

It will feature those from music, sport, STEM, business, law, politics and other sectors where people from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds are underrepresented.

Inspirational figures

Taking part in this year’s campaign are Liverpool and Everton Footballers, Joe Gomez and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Liverpool’s political leaders, newly elected Mayor Joanne Anderson and the city’s first Black MP Kim Johnson are also featured.

Manchester-based former barrister and business woman, Sharon Amesu and Lisa Maynard-Atem who runs Black United Representation Network are also featured.

Those taking part in the campaign will be featured on Out of Home advertising screens in Liverpool and Manchester throughout October.

The screen time is provided by Open Media who are a strong supporter of the Anthony Walker Foundation and moving forward the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

As well as for Black History Month, Open Media run similar campaigns for LGBTQ+ Pride and International Women’s Day.

What’s been said

Ben Osu from the Anthony Walker Foundation said: “It’s important we celebrate role models from our communities and show younger generations that they can achieve.

“There are still so many industries and sectors in the UK and around the world where Black people struggle to breakthrough and move up into senior positions. The campaign is just one method we’re using to inspire the next generation and change the status quo.”