Bootle FC open up as community warm hub - and even offer lifts to their clubhouse for those in need

Their clubhouse will be open 5pm-10pm Monday to Friday.

With rising energy prices and the cost of living crisis hitting families hard, Bootle FC have opened up their clubhouse as a warm hub for the community. Everyone is welcome, to have a brew and socialise with others during the winter months.

Joe Johnson, Bootle FC Trustee, said: "I went into my Nan's last weekend, I walked in and said, 'Nan, it's freezing in here, put the heating on!’ and my Nan said, 'not with the price of gas, I'm not putting the heating on!' So she sat there in a house coat with a jumper, and I thought, right, we need to do it now because now is the time.

“I really want kids to come with their mums and dads to do their homework here. We’re going to put some hot food on, soft drinks for the kids, do your homework, play some board games. When you’re ready to go, go home, go to bed, and, it saves that six or seven hours worth of heating that people have to put on. They can save that money and spend it somewhere else.”

Their clubhouse offers a warm, safe place for those who need it most from 5pm to10pm, Monday to Friday. The club have even teamed up with a local taxi firm to arrange transport to the venue for those who need it. They can be contacted on social media if you’re in need of help.

John Doran, founding member of Bootle Bucks inclusion FC, said: "This is one of the good things that Bootle football club are trying to do with this new initiative. It's not a handout centre, it's a community facility where ages five to 105 can you come to get assistance. To feel worthy and put into society. We know people who will be coming in here for this initiative, and next season, they could be volunteering at the club here."

To hear more from John and Joe watch the video above.