Popular Liverpool vegetarian and vegan eateries The Nakery and Veggie Republic to close down

The beloved vegetarian and plant-based eateries, The Nakery and Veggie Republic, have announced they will close down permanently this Sunday.

<p>The Nakery, Berry Street. Image: The Nakery via Facebook.</p>

The Nakery, Berry Street. Image: The Nakery via Facebook.

Local and independent businesses are facing exponential hardship amid the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

This week, two of Liverpool’s most popular vegetarian and plant-based eateries announced that they will be closing their doors on Sunday, August 7.

The Nakery and Veggie Republic have been staples of the vegetarian and vegan community in Liverpool since opening in 2014 and 2017 respectively, and both took to social media this week to announce their permanent closures.

Announcing Closures

Natalie Shilton, Owner of the Nakery, located on Berry Street, shared on Facebook:

“As of Sunday 7th August we will be closing our doors. This decision has not been made lightly and it has been a seriously bumpy ride for the past couple of years.”

The Nakery announces closure via Facebook.

The news comes as a surprise after The Nakery announced plans to expand their business and offer more seating, in April this year.

The quirky cafe on Berry Street is known for raw, plant-based treats, including waffles and cakes, as well as smoothies and specialist hot drinks.

Veggie Republic, located on Cook Street, also took to Facebook to announce closures, blaming the cost of living crisis, COVID-19 and the Ukraine conflict for their decision:

Veggie Republic announces closure via Facebook.

The first completely plant-based restaurant in Liverpool City Centre, Veggie Republic have been offering vegan takes on classic meals, such as fish and chips, since 2017.

The Nakery and Veggie Republic aren’t the only local vegan businesses to close down recently, with Potts Coffee and Kitchen closing without warning in May this year.

Potts Coffee and Kitchen was known for its plant-based pancake stacks and artisan sandwiches.

Cost of living crisis

The cost of living is continuing to increase rapidly, with prices of every day essentials such as petrol, electricity and food spiraling.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), inflation is at a 40-year-high with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) at its highest level since the 1980s.

This means that many people across the country do not have disposable income to spend on eating out, and local businesses are feeling the effects.

Increased rent and energy bills, combined with less customers, and the COVID-19 lockdown, are forcing small businesses, such as Veggie Republic and The Nakery to close their doors.

Saying goodbye

The Nakery is open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00-18:00 and Sunday 11:00-16:00 and will be closing its doors for the last time on Sunday.

Veggie Republic is open this Thursday and Friday from 16:00-22:00, Saturday 13:00-23:00 and Sunday 13:00-18:00. The restaurant will be closed from Sunday. However, the owners will still be offering catering services for weddings, events and festivals.