With Glastonbury underway, we ask the people of Liverpool: What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

As Sir Paul McCartney turns 80, he’s making history headlining Glastonbury, so we’ve been out on the streets to ask what gig left a lasting impression on you?

Sir Paul McCartney is Glastonbury's oldest solo headliner in history. He's got the Saturday night headline slot at the festival.

This comes as he recently celebrated his 80th birthday. With that in mind, we've been on the streets of Liverpool to find out about your most memorable gigs.

‘The Rolling Stones at Anfield’

Bernard tells us about the best concert he’s ever been to

Bernard said: "The Rolling Stones at Anfield. Incredible sounds, stage performance, totally amazing."

‘Elton John’


Anne tells us about the best concert she’s ever been to

Anne said: "Elton John came down to the arena and was on stage for about two hours. He really gave his all."

‘Meatloaf at The Liverpool Empire’

Lynne tells us about the best concert she’s ever been to

Lynne said: "1981, Meatloaf at The Liverpool Empire. He had such a powerful voice. At one point he didn't even use his microphone, didn't need to. I mean, he could have been an opera singer."