Hillsborough education rule can ‘consign the lies and smears to the dustbin’ - MP Ian Byrne

The Hillsborough disaster is to be added to the school curriculum in Liverpool and is set to be extended across the entire Liverpool City Region.

Liverpool City councillors have passed a motion to commemorate the Hillsborough Disaster through education in schools.

Every primary and secondary school in the city will mark the anniversary with a special assembly and have dedicated resources to learn more about the disaster.

Ian Byrne, MP for Liverpool West Derby, proposed the motion to councillors and it was passed this week to a standing ovation.

Speaking to LiverpoolWorld, Mr Byrne said: "We've got the Hillsborough Law going through Parliament, which is an absolutely key part of the legacy of Hillsborough. The education element is hugely important too.

“My job is to create a space for educators to come in and teach future generations of the real truth around Hillsborough and consign the lies and smears of the last 33 years to the dustbin. To ensure future generations do know the real truth."

Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby, Ian Byrne. Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

National curriculum campaign

Mr Byrne proposed an early day motion to Parliament in November calling on the Government to include the Hillsborough disaster in the national curriculum.

Ecuating the next generation would ensure the events of that fateful day are not forgotten and that the ensuing miscarriage of justice is never repeated.

It received the support of 30 MPs.

The ‘Real Truth Legacy Project’

The 'Real Truth Legacy Project' is being created with significant input from families, survivors and leading Hillsborough campaigners.

They want a dedicated 'Hillsborough Day' in the Liverpool City Region to take place on the nearest Friday to the anniversary of the tragedy on 15 April each year.

People gather in front of the Hillsborough memorial, outside of Liverpool Football Club’s main stand at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England, on April 15, 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough football stadium disaster. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP via Getty Images)

Schools would take part in a special assembly to mark the anniversary and to learn more about the disaster, the cover-up and the fight for justice.

Mr Byrne goes on to say: "I've been in discussions with Steve Rotherham about the Liverpool City Region so that motion will be replicated throughout the region.

“We're hoping by the end of March it will have gone to all councils so that Liverpool City Region can commemorate Hillsborough day.

“It's a key part of the legacy - the families, survivors and campaign groups who I have spoken to feel the same way too."