Jockey Club defend Grand National drink prices amid ‘unfair and greedy’ claims

Racegoers were ‘gobsmacked’ at the prices they paid at this year’s Grand National Festival.

Racegoers at this year’s Grand National have been left frustrated at the ‘extortionate’ cost of drinks at the Aintree festival, with some saying they won’t return in 2023.

This year was the first Grand National Festival open to the public since the start of the COVID pandemic so it’s no surprise that people scrambled to get their hands on tickets for the event.

However, many were left reeling after spotting the price of food and drink at the famous venue.

Some punters say the price per drink went up by £2 since the last Grand National, which took place back in 2019, with a pint of Madre setting you back at £7.20 and a bottle of Prosecco Brut costing £42.50.

Connor Hannon, 24, said: “I saw the drinks prices before I went and was floored. I travelled back from Germany just to be there and ended up drinking before the event just to save money.”


A man who wishes to remain unknown shared his experience of attending on Thursday, saying : "The prices are a disgrace and there’s not much to justify it. I think the prices have gone up through sheer greed.

"They are extorting people. It’s not like punters can go off the course, get a drink from elsewhere and then go back in. I will not be attending next year. It’s ripping Joe Public off. Unfortunately, it’s not a working man’s sport anymore."

The event is held each year by The Jockey Club, a racing organisation which owns Aintree.

A spokesperson for Aintree Racecourse defended the pricing saying it was on a par with other marquee events.

“We work hard to absorb inflationary costs wherever we can and our prices are comparable to other major events, which also have large set-up costs,” the Jockey Club said.

“We put all our profits back in to support British Horseracing.”


What were the prices of drinks at this years Grand National?


Courvoisier VS - 25ml - £5.50

Bells Whisky- 25ml - £5.50

Gordons Gin- 25ml - £5.50

Gordons Pink Gin- 25ml - £5.50


Vestal Vodka- 25ml - £5.50

Morgans White Rum- 25ml - £5.50

Morgans Spiced Rum- 25ml - £5.50

Jack Daniels- 25ml - £5.50

Southern Comfort - 25ml - £5.50



House Red - 187.5ml - £8

House White - 187.5ml - £8

House Rose - 187.5ml - £8


Champagne Pannier Brut NV - 750ml - £65



Ruggeri Prosecco Brut - 750ml - £42.50

Bottled Drinks

Coors - 330ml - £5.60

Staropramen - 330ml - £5.80

Bavaria - 330ml - £5.50

Canned Drinks


Three Fold Red Berry - 330ml - £6.50

Three Fold Citrus - 330ml - £6.50

Draught Beers

Guinness - half pint £3.60 / pint £7

Aspall Suffolk Cyder- half pint £3.70 / pint £7

Madri- half pint £3.70 / pint £7.20


Atlantic Pale Ale- half pint £3.70 / pint £7.20

Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime - half pint £3.70 / pint £7.20

Mixers/ Soft Drinks

Mixers - 150ml - £2.30

Fruit Juice- 150ml - £2.30

Coke Zero/Diet Coke - 330ml - £2.60


Lemonade - 330ml - £2.60

San Pellegrino Limonata - 330ml - £3.40

Water – £2.60