Kershkicks: new shop where you can buy, sell and trade exclusive trainers to open in Liverpool

Liverpool-born siblings, the Kersh brothers, are set to open the new store catering for streetwear fanatics on Slater Street.

Liverpool-born siblings, the Kersh brothers, are continuing the UK expansion of their original ecommerce business KershKicks - with a new store in their home city.

The initial vision for the store was sparked back in 2014, when co-founder Sam was living overseas in America.

After seeing what was happening in the sneaker scene over there and how popular it was, it inspired and cemented the interest in both of them to start buying, selling, and building up their own collections.

The new hometown store will add to the Manchester and Glasgow-based flagships, and promises to be the biggest store yet for the brand.

The Liverpudlian brothers are opening their third KershKicks store in a matter of weeks, which they say will be the only buy, sell and trade store in the city.

What is KershKicks?

The KershKicks brand is the creation of brothers Sam and Ben Kersh, who established the store in August 2019.

The store will be the first specialist sneaker store, giving shoppers the chance to get their hands on a wide range of luxury ‘kicks’, including rare and exclusive limited editions, streetwear and deadstock collections.

The unique brand does not only offer shoppers products to buy, but also operate all three stores as a marketplace for sneakers and streetwear enthusiasts to sell and trade their own products or collections.

KershKicks is known for being home to the most exclusive, hyped streetwear clothing in the UK, including Supreme, Palace and Anti Social Social Club.

Sam Kersh (L) Ben Kersh (R) in Liverpool Store

As well as its ever-growing range of sneakers, which includes some of the world’s most sought-after designs, such as - Air Max, Jordans, Yeezy’s, New Balance and more.

Over the years, the growing popularity of the brand has resulted in quite a famous following, with celebrity clientele including musicians, such as Lewis Capaldi and Aitch, YouTubers such as KSI, and many premier league football stars.

What have the Kersh brothers said?

KershKicks co-founder Sam, 27, said: “It’s been an amazing journey so far and we couldn’t be more excited to take the next step in our home city. Scousers have been some of our most loyal customers and Instagram followers and have supported us since the very beginning.”

“The experience of seeing, touching and then trying on your grails in store is something scousers haven’t yet had the opportunity to do and it’s an honour to be able to bring this to our home city.”

Sam continued: “What makes us different is our buy, sell, trade model making us a hub for both sneaker enthusiasts and the casual sneaker fan.

We offer people the opportunity to make money on their own collections and trade for their most desired grails. We believe that this unique element of our business has massively contributed to our popularity over the last three years.”

Brother and co-founder Ben added: “We know Liverpool is a powerhouse of culture, style and a leader of trends, making it the perfect place to open our doors. We just can’t wait to welcome fellow sneakerheads into the store very soon and see what our home city has to offer.”

Murals in new Liverpool store

The brothers already have stores in Manchester and Glasgow which opened in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

Ben said: “It’s a great feeling to be able to showcase our brand here on our doorstep. There is nothing quite like bringing your brand back to where it started all those years ago.

“Opening in Liverpool really is a dream come true - and proves that our original vision of bringing a piece of this unique culture to the UK, has become a genuine reality.”

When will the Liverpool store be opening? 

The new Liverpool store, on Slater Street, will span over 1000sq ft, the biggest for the brand to date. It is currently undergoing work, and is due to open before the end of July.

The Liverpool branch of the KershKicks store is also set to create up to ten jobs for the local community.