KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink: Where can I buy it in Liverpool and why is it so popular?

There is currently an eBay listing selling one bottle for £2,300.

A viral hydration drink, created by two popular YouTube stars, is seemingly impossible to buy.

Prime, created by Logan Paul and KSI, is commonly sold in America, however, fans of the drink in the UK face long queues and often, empty shelves. Teenagers have reportedly queued outside supermarkets prior to opening, in hope of buying the popular drink.

What is the drink?

The latest craze amongst youngsters, the hydration drink comes in flavours such as Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon and Lime, and Ice Pop.

The drink is 10% coconut water, full of electrolytes and around 20 calories per bottle. It has zero sugar, and also contains B vitamins and BCAAs. It is so popular that people have been seen reselling single bottles on eBay for thousands of pounds.

Parents have also shared on Twitter that their young children have been drinking the beverage, and have seen it being resold at schools - they are able to purchase it due to it containing zero caffeine.

Where can I buy Prime in Liverpool?

Prime is exclusive to ASDA, with each 500ml bottle costing £2. There have been reports of local shops bulk buying the drink to re-sell at higher prices, however, ASDA is now enforcing a purchase limit of three bottles of each flavour per customer.

Here is the full list of ASDA locations in Liverpool:

- Breck Road, Liverpool, England, L6 5DR

- 126 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, England, L15 3JR

- Regent House Green Lane Stoneycroft, Liverpool, England, L13 6RH

- 81 Strand Road, Bootle, England, L20 4BB

- Utting Avenue, Liverpool, England, L4 9XU

- Penny Lane Centre Church Road Wavertree, Wavertree, England, L15 9EB

- Orrell Lane, Bootle, England, L20 6HX

- St Mary’s Road, Garston, England, L19 1SJ

Other than ASDA, the only other official UK stockist is Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Shoppers do have the option to purchase directly from Prime’s official website, however, it currently lists all seven flavours as out of stock.