Liverpool Hooters row rumbles on over controversial signs - but what do locals think

The popular American food chain officially opened its Liverpool branch on Monday.

Hooters is facing critcism for putting up a pair of large spotlit signs on one of Liverpool’s oldest streets despite an application being rejected by the council.

The popular American food chain opened its second UK branch in Liverpool on Monday (November 21) in New Zealand House.

Based in Water Street, Hooters had sought permission to display large illuminated signs and banners but were told not to do so by the council. However, despite rejection by the local authority, large orange ‘Hooters’ signs can be seen outside the venue.

The city council said the application was rejected due to the venue being in a conservation area. According to the BBC, a spokesman for the council said it had written to Hooters requesting its removal but as an appeal was under way it could not take enforcement action.

Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson opposed plans to open a Hooters in the city saying it had an “infamous sexually objectifying and misogynistic environment”. The American restaurant franchise often employs scantily-clad waitresses.

Hooters has been contacted for comment.

Hooters Liverpool.

What do our readers think?

We asked our readers they’re opinions on the vertical signs and the request to remove them. Responses were mixed, with some people thinking the real issue was objection to Hooters opening altogether.

Barbara Spiers said: “Why take it down? It’s colourful and no issues with it.”

Geoff Murray commented: “Compared to some of the stuff the council has agreed to do to the city those two signs are the least to worry about.”

Barry Engelen said: “Let’s be honest, it’s not really the signs people are offended by is it.”

Mark Wicks argued: “If it was a religious, or ethnic minority or part of the LGBT… Would they be receiving the same oppositions...”

Jackie Filby said: “Tacky.”

David Brisco added: “Isn’t that a listed building?”

Matt Adley said: “Well it’s tough t**ties then. Appealing after the fact won’t get the outcome they wanted/want.”

Darin Speed added: “So many buildings in Liverpool going to the rats. They granted the licence so rejoice in the diversity of city life. Stand still and get beat!

And Les Killackey commented: “They are creating employment get a grip.”

Hooters opening in Liverpool