Are Scousers the most sceptical people in the UK?

People from Liverpool are more suspicious than most when it comes to getting something for nothing.

Northerners are more sceptical than their southern neighbours and Scousers are among the most wary people in the UK, a new study has found.

Brits on the whole appear to be a suspicious lot with three quarters admitting to looking for a catch when offered something for nothing.

Research conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Betfair Casino, revealed one in four northerners would even turn down a free £1000, while nearly a third (29%) insist that they’d say no to a free sandwich.

The reasons range from a belief there will be strings attached to the gift (52%), that they’d be expected to do something in return (33%) or that the freebie itself would be shoddy or suspect (15%).

Suspicious minds: When asked ‘how sceptical are you about accepting something for free’ 28% of northerners replied ‘very’ , compared to just 23% of southerners. The survey results revealed the top three most sceptical cities in the UK are all in the north: Manchester (29%), Liverpool (29%) and Leeds (27%).

Top ten most sceptical citiesTop ten most sceptical cities
Top ten most sceptical cities

UK’s most sceptical cities

  1. Manchester
  2. Liverpool
  3. Leeds
  4. Glasgow
  5. London
  6. Bristol
  7. Belfast
  8. Norwich
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Newcastle
  11. Plymouth
  12. Sheffield
  13. Birmingham
  14. Cardiff
  15. Nottingham
  16. Brighton
  17. Southampton

* The research was conducted by Censuswide, among a sample of 2,000 general consumers. The data was collected between 23.03.2023 – 27.03.2023.

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