Paramount+ spotted filming Sexy Beast prequel in Liverpool city centre - how long will production take place for?

The series is expected to air next year.

Filming of a brand-new Paramount+ series is well underway in Liverpool.

The international streaming service is the first long-term tenant of Liverpool’s specialist pop-up studios for the filming of new drama, Sexy Beast.

Paramount+ recently booked The Depot at Edge Lane for seven months to film the prequel to the 2000 film of the same name starring Ray Winstone.

As well as using the Depot, the series has used a number of locations across the city to double as East London in the 1990s, including the gardens of St Nicholas Church and Tower Gardens, Rumford Street and Anfield.

Water Street, in the city centre, closed for filming last night between 10pm and 1am and LiverpoolWorld visited the set to get a glimpse of the action.

The large production team were seen filming James McArdle and Sarah Greene, who star as Gal Dove and Deedee retrospectively.

Image: Emma Dukes/LiverpoolWorld

The stars were seen repeating takes and crowds of locals watched as production took place.

Applause and ‘that’s a wrap’ could be heard as filming ended.

Image: Emma Dukes/LiverpoolWorld

Production is continuing in the city throughout this week, with filming taking place today (November 8) and tomorrow (November 9) on Earle Street.