Liverpool celebrities and the schools they attended, from Jodie Comer and Steven Gerrard to The Beatles

Merseyside’s schools have helped shape many famous names, producing celebrities from actors and musicians to TV stars.

Many famous people who were born and raised in Liverpool and Merseyside first discovered the spark of their talent while attending the region’s schools. Whether that’s Paul McCartney meeting George Harrison on the school bus before going on to help create one of the greatest bands in the world, or, a kid called Katarina Johnson-Thompson discovering her love of athletics.

Award-winning actors like Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham, a host of comedians and world football stars like Steven Gerrard are also among famous alumni from Merseyside schools.

How many of the celebrities in our photo gallery did you know went to school or college in Merseyside and did any attend the same one as you or your children?

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