Remembering Paul O'Grady: The life and times of the Lily Savage star in pictures and quotes

Remembering Wirral's most-loved drag queen, animal rights activist and television personality, Paul O'Grady, a year after his sudden passing.

Today marks one year since Wirral's beloved Paul O'Grady passed away, leaving behind an incredible legacy, from battling for LGBTQ+ equality to supporting thousands of dogs in need.

The much-loved entertainer, who was born in Birkenhead, died suddenly on March 28 last year, aged 67, prompting a huge outpouring of love and tributes from across the country and beyond. A passionate animal-lover and professional chatterbox, O'Grady became a much-loved fixture of primetime television, and many people adored his alter-ego, Lily Savage.

Though Paul became a household name, he never forgot his roots and was proud of his working-class, Wirral background. Since his passing, he has been recognised for his achievements and awarded Wirral's Honorary Freedom of the Borough, and there are even talks about a statue being erected in his honour in Birkenhead. - Paul O'Grady documentary: The Life and Death of Lily Savage to air on Good Friday

Over the years, O'Grady came out with some cracking lines and had us all in stitches, but he also discussed important issues and used his drag persona to talk about gay rights. Here, we remember Paul through some of his iconic quotes from interviews over the years, and performances as Lily Savage.