NSandI Premium Bonds: August winners, how to enter and how did Liverpool and Merseyside do?

With news that NS&I have awarded two jackpot prizes, how has Merseyside fared with Premium Bonds in the region?

It’s been a fantastic start to August for lucky investors with National Savings and Investments, including a cool £100,000 for a Merseyside resident.

Through their Premium Bond scheme, NS&I have confirmed that two jackpots of £1 million have been won by British investors from Dorset and Buckinghamshire.

The Dorset winner, 469BR534389, had £45,000 in Premium Bonds while the second winner, 155HJ070561, held £22,875 in bonds.

One of the winners bought their bond as recently as August 2021.

Were there any winners in Liverpool or around Merseyside?

The Premium Bonds Prize checker allows those holding bonds to see if they’ve won anything each month - from £25 to the £1m jackpot

Though perhaps not as large as the £1 million jackpots, every little helps while we experience the cost of living crisis.

A bond holder from Wirral has won £100,000 having held £1,000 in premium bonds bought in July 2007.

The next highest winners in the August 2022 draw were £10,000 for a resident in Merseyside and Wirral.

A full list of August 2022 winners from around the area are as follows - are you one of the lucky ones this month?

(Bond numbers in bold)

  • 129TP599828 (£100,000, Wirral)
  • 54VS513333 (£10,000, Wirral)
  • 496ND236161 (£10,000, Merseyside)
  • 492JN895498 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 461SY32080 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 452LE56562 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 374MF88166 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 259JA22760 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 235SS95802 (£1,000, Merseyside)
  • 453RJ203117 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 439ST113769 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 409AX295238 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 339GN190230 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 183SA432906 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 143JL809046 (£1,000, Liverpool)
  • 474AG269812 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 447LK671462 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 429QS958423 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 419AJ800521 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 381AT667974 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 379YP501857 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 298AL669359 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 203NG812881 (£1,000, Wirral)
  • 173RV281172 (£1,000, Wirral)

To check if you’ve won anything, you can visit the NS&I Premium Bonds prize checker.

What are Premium Bonds?

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (1894 - 1986) writes the number of the first winner of 5000 pounds in the Premium Bond prize draw

Premium Bonds are an investment product issued by National Savings and Investment (NS&I). Unlike other investments, where you earn interest or a regular dividend income, you are entered into a monthly prize draw where you can win between £25 and £1 million tax free.

A minimum of £25 is required to buy Premium Bonds and you must be aged at least 16 to purchase them, however you can buy them on behalf of your child, grandchild or great-grandchild as an investment in their future.

The maximum level of holding for Premium Bonds is £50,000.

Premium Bonds though are not recommended as a means of regular income, guarantee returns or if you have concerns over the impact of inflation on your savings.

You can read all the terms and conditions regarding Premium Bonds over at the National Savings and Investment website.

How does the Premium Bonds prize draw work?

A unique bond number is issued for every £1 invested, so a £100 investment in premium bonds would equate to 100 bond numbers, each with a chance to win after being held for a full month.

Every month Bond holders, whose numbers are generated at random by NS&I’s random-number generator, ERNIE, can win prizes from £25 to £1 million and are all tax-free.

How do I check if I’ve won?

You don’t have to do anything else aside from check if your issued bond number is a winner by checking over at the National Savings and Investment website.

Have there been any millionaires from Liverpool since the prize draw started?

There have been, but not since 2017.

The winning bond from the Liverpool resident was £5,000 which netted them £1 million. It was a double celebration for the Liverpool winner as they bought the bond on the date of their tenth anniversary.

At the time, Retail Director for NS&I Jill Waters stated that “It’s been a while since a Liverpool resident has won the jackpot, and it’s particularly exciting that we can celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Bond holder’s purchase.”

It’s been a while since the last big win - perhaps lady luck will return to Liverpool sooner rather than later?