The pub shut in 2013 and has become a wreck in recent years. Owners of the derelict site were fined £16,000 for letting the building fall into such a state in 2020. Address: 3 Copy Ln, Aintree, Liverpool, Bootle L30 8RA

Eight dilapidated and run down iconic buildings in Liverpool that deserve a second chance

These are the eight buildings in Merseyside that we think should be given a new lease of life.

Sadly, there are a number of prominent run down buildings in Liverpool, many of which we pass on our daily commutes and wonder: ‘are they ever going to do anything with that’.

Some are landmarks that should be given a new lease of life.

Posting on Twitter, PaddyHoey said this about The Wellington Rooms on Mount Pleasant: “It really is a tragedy they have been left to rack and ruin.”

The Victorian Society complained about the state of Everton Library, saying: “This decaying and severely vandalised building was one of the earliest public libraries in Liverpool. We hope that new life can be given to this unique building.”

Stephen Walmsley shared his thoughts on the old ABC Theatre on Twitter, he said: “Always makes me melancholy. Derelict (for over a decade!)”

The council have been contacted byLiverpoolWorld to see if any of the below buildings may be renovated in the coming years.

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