‘Secret door’ found buried in the walls of Runcorn salon leads to ‘creepy’ forgotten room

The secret passage-way to the ‘unnerving’ find was uncovered by construction workers.

The owners of a popular beauty salon were left ‘shocked and creeped out’ after discovering a secret doorway and mysterious room hidden within the walls of their building.

The secret passage-way at Adele’s Hair Beauty and Well-Being was uncovered after construction workers were sent in to start work on the Runcorn venue.

Adele’s Hair and Beauty: Photo: Adele Young

But they - and salon owners Adele and Neil Young - were left stumped after finding a mysterious room located underneath the stairs.

Owner Neil, 45, said: “There’s mixed emotions within the salon, a few of us are just spooked by what we found but we’re also really interested in what might be buried behind the blocked archways. We don’t know how deep this goes.”

The Youngs have owned the salon, which is located on Church Street, since 2016 and rapidly gained success after being recognised for their magic with vivid colours and talented styling.

Neil said: “After removing a wall panel under the stairs we came across this room and the girls in the salon couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what was inside.

“To the left and right of the room there seems to be an archway that’s been blocked off, there was also a full-sized mirror covering the wall in there which was unnerving.”

They now plan to cover the wall with clear Perspex glass and have it as a permanent fixture at the salon, so they can share their findings with their fascinated clients.

The secret room at Adele’s Hair Beauty and Well-Being.

Local history buffs have weighed in with theories on the story of the room based on what has been discovered within, with Facebook user, David Hough commenting:

“I have heard of these tunnels/rooms in the Egerton Pub around the time is was being demolished. Never ever found out what they were. There’s rumours of a tunnel from the quarry running from Rock Park.”

Lisa Dennett said: “When you google underground tunnels in Runcorn there’s lots of information involving WW2. My partner used to live in the Masonic and that was the same!”