Scouse Uber driver is the best in the UK - beating 85,000 other drivers

He has completed a whopping 67,000 trips and has the most five star ratings out all UK Uber drivers.

A 73-year-old man from Liverpool has been named as Uber’s highest rated driver in the country.

Michael Quinn has been working for Uber for over seven years and has the most five star ratings out all their UK drivers. The Scouser has also completed around 67,000 trips - the most in the country.

Currently living and working in Manchester, Michael was rated five stars for a recent journey where he took a university student with a suspected heart attack to Manchester Royal Infirmary.

He was able to keep the student calm and successfully got him to the accident and emergency department.

Michael has now been given an Uber Hero Award, celebrating his contributions to the company and excellent service. He was chosen for the award ahead of around 85,000 drivers across the UK.

Proud to be an Uber driver, Michael said: “You’re meeting people from all walks of life - different ages, different backgrounds, all with hopes and dreams in their lives and aspirations and worries and anxieties.

“It’s marvellous to get feedback from complete strangers with you for such a short time and yet you’re able to enhance their day in that moment of meeting them.

“I get comments like, ‘Thank you, Michael, for getting me to the train on time,’ and ‘Yes, you are the best driver in the city!’ It’s a great profession.”

Michael was presented with an Uber Hero Award. Image: Uber UK.