South Liverpool restaurant wins alcohol license bid despite dividing community

The proposed cafe has caused noise concerns for some local residents.

<p>The cafe hopes to serve alcohol and be open until 10pm. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)</p>

The cafe hopes to serve alcohol and be open until 10pm. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

A Greek cafe and takeaway that split opinion in its South Liverpool community has won its bid to sell alcohol.

Liverpool Council’s licensing and gambling sub-committee has given the green light to applicant Nikolaos Fyllditakis to trade alcohol at his venture on Storrsdale Road, Mossley Hill. The application had attracted attention from residents in L18 with around two dozen representations made to the local authority.

Permission has been granted to Mr Fyllditakis to operate the restaurant, which will accommodate 18 diners, from 10am to 10pm daily, with the sale of alcohol and music playing throughout. Councillors heard how the restaurant would require any patrons to have a “substantial meal” to be served alcohol and a £10 minimum spend would also be required.

No deliveries would be made from the premises, with any orders for collection including alcohol requiring proof of purchase and identification. It was said Mr Fyllditakis was involved with the Laros street food restaurant on Bold Street, Grilla on Allerton Road, and a premises in Manchester with “no recorded incidents” at any of those locations.

Mr Fyllditakis said his intention was to run a “family oriented” business and would work alongside neighbours, pledging to not dispose of glass bottles until the morning to avoid loud noise. He said no spirits would be sold on site, and the business would offer Greek beers and small wines.

What did local residents have to say about the plans?

Residents were split down the middle on the new venture, with messages of support and opposition being received in equal measure.

One opponent of the plans said: “The intended operating hours of the business are into late evenings, combined with the sale of alcohol, can easily turn the premises into a site of crime and disorder.” The objector also added: “The late business hours and the sale of alcohol will very likely cause not only noise, but also offensive public behaviours”.

The proposed cafe is situated directly opposite The Storrsdale pub, which caused concern for some. A resident wrote: “This restaurant is not ideally situated at all for a residential area already swamped by extra vehicles, with double parking as a norm.

The cafe would be located opposite Storrsdale Pub. Image: Google

A number of residents had submitted letters of support for the new venture.

One wrote: “I think that a new local independent business will be amazing for the community” while another added: “Fully support this proposal. Great to have something like this round the corner.”

The location of the site opposite the pub was not an issue for one supporter who said: “I think it’s a great idea to have a restaurant here. I live in the area, in Mossville Road, as the shop has been empty for a while and opening another business can only be good for the area.”

What was said at the committee meeting today?

Nick and Clair Moran, building owners, said they had operated in the area for more than 20 years and were yet to experience any sort of disorder that had been alluded to by objectors. Mrs Moran said she operated the shop next to the proposed restaurant and was not aware of anti-social behaviour in the area.

Concerns over parking were dismissed by the committee as it was deemed a matter for the council’s planning body, rather than as a licensing matter. Mr Fyllditakis confirmed deliveries would begin at 10am and could continue as late as 10pm but it was unlikely they would arrive at the later hour.

No concerns about the plans had been raised with Liverpool Council by the licensing authority, Merseyside Police or environmental health. In approving the application, chair Cllr Christine Banks said the business must not allow vertical drinking or deliveries to be made from the business and must remain collection only.