The 10 most expensive streets in Liverpool 2024 as house prices rise in latest figures

There is a huge disparity between the least expensive street in the city and the most expensive.

Some areas of Liverpool are seeing homes sold for eye-watering prices as Liverpool property prices rose in December, going against an annual decline.

The average Liverpool house price in December was £174,603, Land Registry figures show - a 1.2% increase on November. But the latest figures can be broken down further into property types.

Owners of flats saw the biggest rise in property prices in Liverpool in December - they increased 2.3%, to £133,170 on average. Among other types of property, Detached houses were up 1.2% monthly, with an average price of £350,658; semi-detached are up 1.3% monthly, with an average price of £216,372; while terraced are up 0.7% monthly, with an average price of £151,503.

However, some streets in the city are seeing homes sold for as much as five times that average figure.

Home sales company Property Solvers regularly track average sold price data from HM Land Registry for homes located across the country. The data, which was last updated in October 2023, includes streets across Liverpool and the city centre.

We used their data to discover which streets in Liverpool saw houses sold for the highest price in recent years, and rated the ten most expensive streets, avenues and roads in Liverpool. It can be a helpful guide, if you are looking for a new home or even if you are just curious.

Their statistics showed that whilst the cheapest street to live on in the city had an average property price of just £16,000, the most expensive street went past the £1m mark. So, what are the most expensive streets in the city?