Your view: The most commonly mispronounced place names in and around Liverpool

Can’t tell Walton from Woolton and think Kensington is in London? - you might want to ask a Scouser

Kirkby, Wavertree and Childwall - what do all these places have in common? They're just a few of the most commonly mispronounced areas in Merseyside.

Now train operator Northern have joined the debate and are claiming that Liverpudlians themselves led them to get the pronunciation of South Liverpool suburb Mossley Hill completely wrong.

There are many place names that do catch visitors out, and some that even locals themselves struggle with.

We've been on the streets of Liverpool to hear some of the most unusual pronunciations and find out what you struggle with yourselves.

We know our accent doesn't help with things, but perhaps we should think about adding phonetic spellings to the Liverpool A-Z to help visitors get to grip with the correct way to pronounce some of the trickier place names.

If you can't tell your Walton from your Woolton and you think Kensington is in London, we're a friendly bunch, so you can always just ask.

  • Watch the video above to see what people on the streets of Liverpool said and thought.
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