We ask Liverpool: is the UK Government doing enough to help Ukrainians?

We hit the streets of the city to see what you had to say about the way the Government is dealing with the Ukraine crisis.

The UK has granted visas to 300 Ukrainian refugees so far but more needs to be done to speed up the process for those fleeing Russia’s invasion of their homeland, the defence secretary has said.

The Home Office say 17,700 applications to re-join relatives in the UK have also been started.

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However, the BBC report about 600 refugees are already stuck in Calais, France, with many saying they were turned away for lack of paperwork.

Almost 300 people have been turned away while trying to cross to the UK, French officials said.

Meanwhile, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has said the UK is "not doing anywhere near enough" to help refugees fleeing Ukraine.

She challenged politicians at Westminster to make it easier for those escaping the conflict to get to Britain. It's estimated around 1.5 million people have already been displaced.

‘It absolutely breaks my heart’

Marie gives her thoughts on UK Government intervention into Ukraine

Marie says the Government need to be doing more: "If that had been me with my children when I was young, I'd have; legged it somewhere. I don't get it, it absolutely breaks my heart."

‘We've got the aircraft, we've got the ships’

Richard gives his thoughts on UK Government intervention into Ukraine

Richard says more should be done: "We've got the aircraft, we've got the ships and the submarines that can fire rockets to bring down Russian planes. That's what NATO should be doing, instead of sitting on their hands."

‘Why have they got to come here?’

Gary gives his thoughts on UK Government intervention into Ukraine

Gary disagrees, he says: "If they're fleeing for their lives, they've already saved them once they've got to Poland. So why have they got to come here? Haven't they got a map?"