We ask Liverpool: What are your thoughts on the Grand National?

The Randox Grand National 2022 at Aintree will showcase three days of top-class racing.

The Grand National is just around the corner, and we all know it's not just about the horses - there’s the fashion and the after parties too.

This year is particularly eagerly awaited as it’s the first time since 2019 that spectators have been allowed back into Aintree.

So we've been on the streets of Liverpool to find out your plans ahead of the three-day festival. Do you embrace it, flee the city to escape, or, do you have objections to the big race?

‘I love to watch it’

Barbara tells us how she feels about The Grand National

Barbara said: "I love to watch it. I've never been, but I do have a bet on it. I love it, and I watch it on the telly."

‘I’m quite against it’

Phoebe tells us how she feels about The Grand National

Phoebe said: "I'm quite against it if I'm being honest. I have strong opinions on the way the animals are treated. I suppose it brings people into the city, and people get dressed up, but personally, I don't partake in it."

‘I watch it on TV’

Mark tells us how he feels about The Grand National

Mark said: "I watch it on TV. I do usually like it, although I do have concerns about the horses as there's been a few die. So I'm ambivalent, but I do think more care should be taken."