We ask Liverpool: Would you take in a Ukrainian family?

What do you think of the Homes for Ukraine scheme and the Government’s £350-per-month payment?

Nearly 100,000 British households have put themselves forward to take in Ukrainian refugees.

Those offering a place to stay will receive an optional tax-free monthly payment of £350.

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Communities Secretary Michael Gove set out details of the Homes for Ukraine scheme earlier this week.

We asked the people of Liverpool if they would take in Ukrainian refugees.

‘£350 a month is pathetic’

Keith said: "£350 a month is pathetic absolutely pathetic we've got buildings in town all empty and in London in Birmingham, yet they're not making accommodation available in these empty spaces."

‘I think it's very generous’

David gives his thoughts on the UK scheme

David said: "I mean, if you've got the room, I think it's very generous. They've got to get them into this country get them away from Adolf Putin - it's what his name should be."

‘I'd help out if I could’

Angela gives her thoughts on the UK scheme

Angela said: "I think maybe I'd help out if I could for the kids because you feel for them, don't you."