We ask Liverpool: what’s your favourite Scouse saying?

Sound, boss, ace, Judy, jigger, jarg - what are your favourite Scouse-isms?

The Scouse accent has to be one of the most challenging regional dialects to emulate.

It can be even harder for those not from this beautiful city to understand some of our colloquialisms.

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We've been on the streets of Liverpool to ask what your favourite word or phrase is, even the ones now deemed antwacky.

‘There’s a load like but probably Lad’

John tells us his favourite Scouse word

John said: "There's a load like, but probably ‘lad’. Because you just call everyone lad. I've grown up saying it."

‘I say sound a lot’

Sarah tells us her favourite Scouse word

Sarah said: "I say sound a lot. I think as soon as you say sound, people know you're from Liverpool. Or, boss."

‘Hello la!’

Mal tells us his favourite Scouse word

Mal said: "When I was younger, it was always 'Hello la', but now it's 'lad'."