We ask Liverpool: Will you be getting your COVID spring booster jab?

As the next booster rollout begins we hit the streets to see if you’ll be getting yours, or, have you had enough of jabs.

The NHS in England is inviting people to arrange their spring booster COVID jab through the national booking service.

The latest rollout is for people aged 75 and over and the vulnerable with a wider booster programme for people of all ages expected this autumn.

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It comes as official figures show infection rates are rising across the UK.

Those eligible must have had their last vaccine six months ago. But will you be getting yours?

‘I’ll probably have it’

Patricia tells us if she’ll be getting her covid booster

Patricia said: "I don't know. I'll probably have it; I'm just undecided at the moment."

‘I’ll get it, why not’

Barbara tells us if she’ll be getting her covid booster

Barbara said: "I'll get it, why not. You've got to be stupid if you get COVID and have not even bothered to go for a jab."

‘No, I’m not having another jab’

Paul tells us if he’ll be getting his covid booster

Paul said: "No, I'm not having another jab. I've had three jabs; the second jab made me ill, the booster put me in hospital."