We meet Great British Bake Off star Lizzie Acker to taste test her Wet Nelly

What does a peace garden, a giant mural of musicians and a Wet Nelly have in common? Eurovision, of course!

Hundreds of thousands of Eurovision fans are expected to descend on Liverpool over the course of the Song Contest and to welcome visitors to the city and get them familiar with local cuisine, Great British Bake Off star Lizzie Acker has created a modern spin on a retro Liverpudlian dessert.

The Wet Nelly – a Scouse twist on the traditional bread pudding – dates back to the 1950s and Lizzie, who is a huge fan of Eurovision, has created a recipe to celebrate the finals after teaming up with Oatly to give guests at a local cafe a free slice.

Lizzie told LiverpoolWorld: “The Wet Nelly came about after WWII. The city was on rations and we didn’t really have a lot. People used what they had… just like Scouse, but this is the dessert version. This one is plant based so everyone can enjoy it.”

On Eurovision, she added: “This means so much to our City. So many international countries coming in and being like, ‘Liverpool is amazing, it’s so friendly’. It’s absolutely spectacular to be seen positively for once in the press as a city.”

Tate test: After we put the Wet Nelly it to the taste test we can say it really is something that should be brought back into popularity. More like an extremely moist fruitcake than bread and butter pudding.

Freebie: Eurovision fans can pop down to Thoughtfully Cafe, Cleveland Square, from Thursday May 11, and get their hands on a free slice of Wet Nelly and Oatly coffee - with 100 of each available on a first come first served basis, until stocks are gone.

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