Merseyside weather update Saturday, 8 January, plus five-day forecast: Heavy rain

WATCH: Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

As we move into the weekend, it's looking damp with heavy morning rain and then patchy showers expected. There's a 74% chance of light rain over St Helens. Temperatures sitting between 8°C and 9°C.

At the back end of the weekend, there's light and patchy showers across the region with a chance of patchy rain in Liverpool. Temperatures sitting between 7°C and 8°C.

And looking at the five day forecast now, we're expecting a wet weekend with moderate and patchy showers. Temperatures climbing into double figures at the start of the new working week before dropping back down.

Temperatures reaching highs of 10°C on Monday. By Wednesday, things are looking up as it's set to stay dry and sunny.