Military planes pictured flying at 'worryingly' low altitude over the River Mersey

An RAF plane was seen soaring over the Mersey, Wirral and Liverpool.

Military jets have been spotted flying at a low altitude over Merseyside.

A Royal Air Force Airbus A400M plane was seen soaring over the Mersey, Wirral and Liverpool on Wednesday (February 7), with fantastic images of the jet captured by a local photographer.

According to flight tracker, the plane took from RAF Brize Norton and headed towards Isle of Man, where it circled for some time before flying low over Merseyside at around 11.30am. Low-flying manoeuvres are believed to be a standard exercise.

The same model was also spotted flying over the River Mersey in January and one witness, who was on the waterfront at the time, said it was flying at a "worryingly close altitude". They said they mistook it for a drone initially before realising it was a large aircraft. Another said they heard it "from about 25 miles away" and said they were "shocked at how far away [they] heard it from."

Take a look at the photographs below.